How can I blog about food and diet at the same time

Who wants to diet?  Who else has over indulged at Christmas and now wants to shed those excess pounds?  I know I need to – but I also know that I don’t want to!!!  It’s cold, the wind’s howling outside and I’ve just returned from walking my dogs – and all I really want is comfort food.

New Year Resolutions

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of New Year Resolutions to diet have failed by 1st February. So why would I want to start my diet in January?  That’s simple – it’s because I want to look and feel better.

Eating Disorders

In an earlier post I mentioned celebrity diets. I don’t endorse these diets. I have no medical qualifications and certainly do not want to promote orthorexia.

Comfort Food v Healthy Food

Unhealthy diet - stodgy pudding

I’ve decided to eat more healthily and exercise more.  I will be devoting my time to creating recipes that I consider to be healthy and nutritious, and inexpensive to make, to share with you.  Thankfully healthy food can also be comfort food – so take a look at recipes.

How can I blog about food and diet at the same time?

Food Poverty

While we struggle to lose weight, let’s not forget those who cannot afford to eat healthily. A fifth of the UK population now lives in poverty (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the use of food banks has increased dramatically.  Some children in the UK now have rickets – a condition usually caused by a vitamin D or calcium deficiency. A plate of chips is much cheaper than a nutritionally balanced meal! Caring Caterers  and Charities and Social Enterprises showcase organisations that help those suffering from food poverty. Please let me know about any Caring Caterers you are aware of.

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