7 Easy Cake Recipes for Beginners

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Kenwood Mixer

I use my Kenwood Chef to mix the ingredients, but any food mixer will do. If you don’t have a food mixer then a bowl and spoon will suffice – but it will take a little longer.

1. Rock Cakes

rock cakes

These are so quick and easy to make and, as a child, I enjoyed making them with my mother. They are a traditional tea-time treat. When placed on a baking tray they resemble rocks – hence the name. they can also be cooked in muffin cases and placed in a muffin tin, as shown in the above photograph. Rock cakes are best served warm.

2. Banana, Orange & Apricot Cake

Banana, Orange & Apricot Cake

An easy cake recipe that is perfect to use up a ripe banana and an orange that has been sitting in your fruit bowl! The combination of fruit works well and produces a moist cake that also has an extremely light texture.

3. Rich Chocolate Cake

Rich Chocolate Cake

Does anyone remember from the 1970/80s the chocolate cupcakes – I think they were made by Lyons? They were really moist chocolate sponge cakes in a silver foil case with a chocolate topping. Well – this easy cake recipe reminds me of those chocolate cupcakes. It is a beautiful moist chocolate sponge with a chocolate topping.

4. Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

This easy cake recipe makes a delightful citrus cake. It’s made with fresh lemons and is an incredible combination of sharp and sweet. There is only one problem with this cake – it doesn’t last long! It’s so tempting to take two helpings.

5. Rhubarb & Almond Cake

rhubarb and almond cake

I grow rhubarb in my garden. It’s an easy plant to grow and every year it produces loads of tender stalks. I freeze a lot of it, and this easy cake recipe is made with frozen rhubarb – although it can also be made with fresh rhubarb. I use a springform cake tin to make it easier to remove the cake from the tin when it is cooked. This cake is simply delicious, and can be served warm as a dessert with cream or ice-cream.

6. Caraway Seed Cake

Caraway Seed Cake

This is an easy cake recipe for a traditional British cake. Caraway seeds are not actually seeds – they are the fruit from the caraway plant. They have a mild liquorice / nutty flavour and tend to be a bit like Marmite in that you either love or hate them! They do however have a history of health benefits. For more information on the health and medicinal benefits of caraway seeds click here. Personally I love this caraway seed cake recipe.

7. Spicy Fruit & Nut Cake

Fruit and Nut Cake

An easy cake recipe for a delicious moist fruit cake topped with almonds. It’s a versatile recipe that uses a combination of fruit of your choice. I’ve used apricots, prunes and sultanas, but these can be substituted with dates, cherries, raisins – the choice is endless.

I hope you enjoy making these cakes. More easy cake recipes can be found here.

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