Apples – Why You Should Eat Them + Tempting Recipes

Apples are one of Britain’s favourite fruits. Not only are they good for you, they are versatile and there are so many recipes to whet your appetite.


Are Apples Good For You?

  • One medium apple counts as one of your ‘five-a-day’ and has only 77 calories.
  • One medium sized apple contains 1.8 g of fibre, including pectin, and is good for digestive health.
  • An apple is approximately 86% water, so contribute towards your daily hydration.
  • An apple is a good source of vitamin C.
  • Most of the health benefits in apples comes from phytochemicals. Many of these have antioxidant properties, which protect the body’s cells from damage that leads to heart disease and cancer.
  • People who eat apples could have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared with people who don’t eat them (Great British Apples).

Tempting Recipes

Toffee Apple Crumble

Toffee Apple Crumble - way to use apples

This recipe tastes as good as it sounds! It was given to Jane one Sunday morning when she was walking the dogs, by a neighbour (now sadly deceased) who was walking his dog. He mentioned he was baking when he got back home, and his recipe for Toffee Apple Crumble sounded so delicious we had to try it. We were not disappointed!

Apple & Pecan Slices

Apple & walnut Slices - using bramley apples

These cut into finger slices (or larger slices if you prefer!) and consist of layers of sponge and fruit on a pastry base. They are then sprinkled with chopped pecan nuts.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

A traditional British dessert – probably one of the most popular ones too. Mouth-watering shortcrust pastry encompassing succulent apples.

Apple Scones

Apple Scones

Tempting and scrumptious. A different take on ordinary scones. They are best eaten when warm, cut in half and buttered.

Apple & Almond Crumble Cakes

Apple and Almond Crumble Cakes

Individual cakes topped with a crispy crumble. Simply delicious.

10 Interesting Facts About Apples

  1. Britain imports over 70% of the apples we consume (Country File).
  2. British supermarkets stock a limited range of apples – but there are hundreds of apple varieties grown in the UK.
  3. It’s best to eat freshly picked apples. Although they can be stored, their vitamin C levels start to fall as soon as they are harvested.
  4. Nutritionally speaking, the skin is the best part of the apple. Most of the fibre, flavonoids and vitamin C is concentrated in or just below the skin.
  5. The seeds in apples contain cyanide.
  6. Dogs can eat apples. A few apple seeds are not likely to cause a problem – but don’t let them eat a lot of seeds.
  7. To prevent browning when slicing an apple for a recipe, put the slices in a dish and coat with lemon juice.
  8. 21st October is National Apple Day.
  9. The apple belongs to the rose family.
  10. Malusdomesticaphobia is the fear of apples.

In summary, apples are good for you and can be eaten in many different ways. They are widely available in the UK and there are plenty of ways to cook them to tempt your taste-buds. For more recipes click here.

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