5 Restaurants Feeding The Homeless This Christmas

Which restaurants are feeding the homeless this Christmas? From a search online here are five that I have found. I am sure that there are more but perhaps they do not receive as much publicity as they should. Some restaurants do more than just feed the homeless. Read on to find out who they are and what they do.

5 Restaurants Feeding The Homeless This Christmas

1. Wings International Cuisine

Restaurant feeding the homeless in Hull

A city centre restaurant in Hull has promised to give out 120 free meals and soft drinks to the homeless on Christmas Eve. They will be offering the food and drink to “anyone suffering poverty that would never usually be able to eat well never mind eat out at such a nice restaurant”.

They will also be giving out presents on Christmas Eve and have appealed to people to help make gift boxes for the city’s suffering. Any family struggling to buy toys this Christmas will be given free toys on 12th December.

2. Nando’s in Glasgow

Nando's restaurant in Waterloo Street, Glasgow that's feeding the homeless this Christmas

A Nando’s restaurant in Glasgow has said that it will open on Christmas Day to feed the city’s rough sleepers. They are also appealing for help to give away gifts to the homeless and have placed a bin by their entrance asking for donations. They need hats, gloves, blankets, toiletries, jackets, sleeping bags, etc.

3. The Caring Christmas Project

Caring at Christmas Project

Top restaurants from Bristol are teaming up with this charity and feeding the homeless at Christmas. They plan to feed 100 homeless people a day for seven days.

The charity will be providing a pop-in shelter to house up to 60 people each night at three different venues. As well as feeding the homeless, the pop-up shelter will offer clothing, housing advice and medical care.

4. Jasmine Grill

Jasmine Grill restaurant feeding the homeless on Christmas Day

This restaurant in Manchester is serving free Christmas dinners to the homeless on Christmas Day. They will also be giving out gifts. The restaurant is appealing to the public to fill a shoe box with inexpensive items, such as toiletries, hats, gloves and sweets, and to drop them off at their restaurant in the run up to Christmas.

5. Suffolk Rock Restaurant

Suffolk Rock Restaurant - a restaurant feeding the homeless on Boxing Day

Cheltenham’s newest restaurant will be serving a free Christmas lunch to homeless people and those in need on Boxing Day. The owner, Max Mitchell, said “I’ve been lucky enough to have a Christmas lunch each year and I want to be able to provide one for those who might not have much this Christmas”.

What else can a restaurateur do to help the homeless?

My blog ‘3 Campaigns for Caterers to Help the Homeless this Winter‘ gives some ideas how caterers and restauranteurs can help the homeless. This includes joining the charity StreetSmart – hundreds of restaurants assist the homeless this way.

Another idea is to do what the Brazilian restaurant Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill in Doncaster has done this year. Normally the restaurant spends £2,500 on Christmas decorations but this year the restaurant has no Christmas decorations. A notice in the restaurant advises the customers that instead of spending money on Christmas decorations, they have doubled the amount to £5,000 and donated this sum to a local homeless charity.

Our website devotes a page to caring caterers and describes what they do to help others. Take a look here for ideas.

Although it is heart-warming to learn of the caring nature of some caterers and restaurateurs, it is a sad reflection of the times we live in that there are so many people living in poverty. People should not have to rely upon the good will of others to be fed! Unfortunately poverty has become normalised – there are more homeless, rough sleepers, food banks, etc. and all we can do now is help to alleviate the suffering of an increasing number of people. Please share this article and let us know of other caterers and restaurateurs that are helping others.

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