Welcome to catering-online. My name is Bob and this is a new venture for me.

My plan is to save you money and spread a bit of kindness.

Whether you are a professional caterer; you cook for pleasure; you are a foodie; or you simply cook to eat, then you are most welcome to join this catering hub.

I would love this site to become an encouraging community of like-minded people. Whether you need inspiration to create a cheap menu; you want to know what to look for when choosing a caterer for your big event; or how to keep the costs down; or even help to find a job; -  if it’s related to food and catering, then you’ve come to the right place.

With 40 years of experience in the catering industry I’d love the opportunity to help you if I can. I don’t profess to know everything about catering, but if I can’t help perhaps someone else in the catering hub can.

Let's spread a bit of kindness. There are a number of catering establishments that help others e.g. those in financial hardship, and I am in the process of displaying what they do on this site. My hope is that this will encourage others to do the same. I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas on what else could be done, and to let me know who else I can showcase.

A little about me – I trained as a chef when I left school. I have worked in hotels, industrial kitchens, charitable organisations, TV studios, commercial businesses and education. Shortly after I married I set up my own catering recruitment agency. When my twin daughters came onto the scene I had to change my career direction as late night phone calls from clients demanding breakfast chefs the following morning weren’t conducive to a happy family life!!!  For the last 18 years I have run my own catering company.

I’m now suffering with the empty nest syndrome as my daughters have gone to university – but I finally have the blog I’ve been meaning to write for some time!

I'd love to hear from you.

Trip down Memory Lane


Members of our staff working on the studio kitchen sets between recordings at the Maidstone Television Studios, Photographed with programme presenter, Loyd Grossman.

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