Caring Caterers

"No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever Wasted" (Aesop)

This page showcases the Caterers, Chefs, Restaurants, Cafes,Food Suppliers, etc. who help others

The Old Spike Roastery: The London coffee roasting company providing housing and an income to the homeless


Aside from providing the community with great coffee, our core mission is to provide expert training, jobs and housing support for people experiencing homelessness across the UK.

  • Old Spike Roastery was set up in 2015 with a simple goal - to help fight homelessness in the UK by roasting and supplying some of the country’s finest speciality coffee.
  • Aside from providing the community with great coffee, their core mission is to provide expert training, jobs and housing support for people experiencing homelessness across the UK.

Recognising and celebrating the talent of people affected by homelessness in a unique, positive and inspiring way!

We are a unique initiative showcasing artwork created by people affected by homelessness or are socially vulnerable. We encourage you to experience the art yourself first-hand, by exploring the many small, hard-working & independent London cafes. More than 20 cafes have given up wall space to exhibit these paintings. With a latte in one hand, sit back, relax and enjoy.

  • Framed paintings and drawings by people affected by homelessness in London are hung in cafes.
  • They try to connect the buyer of a piece of art with the artist over a cup of coffee in the cafe where the art is hung.
  • Cafe Art began in London in 2012 with one local cafe and one art group run by a homelessness sector organisation. Michael Wong founded Cafe Art after seeing lots of amazing art being created every week and not enough wall space to display it.
  • There are more than twenty cafes participating in the programme.
  • It costs cafes nothing to participate - just wall space.

Granny Macs

Granny Mac's Cafe is selling vouchers to customers which can be used to buy a homeless person a meal.

  • Granny Macs, a cafe in Cardiff, is selling vouchers to customers which can be used to buy a homeless person a meal.
  • The scheme started in March 2017 after the staff saw homeless people in the street outside the cafe, and wanted to do something to help.
  • For £3.80 customers can buy a “Mini Mac Breakfast” and the cafe will bump it up to a large breakfast.
  • There are different vouchers available from hot drinks to bacon rolls and different sized breakfasts, so everyone can buy one to suit their budget.

A HEALTHY fast food restaurant has gained social media fame for leaving out free food for the homeless every night before closing.

Staff at Manchester's Bosu Body Bar began to leave takeaway bags full of food outside its shop in Cross Street after noticing a recent sharp rise in street homelessness.

  • A restaurant in Manchester, the Bosu Body Bar, leaves bags outside its doors full of food every night.
  • They started to do this after noticing a sharp rise in people sleeping rough.
  • They are now encouraging customers to donate unwanted warm clothing to hand out alongside the food.

There are now over 2000 places that offer Suspended coffee. If you are one of them, please let me know. I would love to add your site to this page.

  • A suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why.
  • The idea originated in Naples, Italy, but went global following John Sweeney’s Facebook page in 2013. His message was simple - Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger, because an act of kindness can change a life. He is an inspirational person.
  • It doesn’t have to be a cup of coffee, it can be a cold drink, soup, a sandwich, or a full meal.

There are too many catering establishments to list here that have signed up to the suspended coffee movement, but I have details of two here:

More information at:

Vood Bar

Vood Bar is a vegan street food van based in Cornwall. Currently they -
* Donate left over foods to shelters and refuges
* Give food to people who are homeless when the opportunities arise.
They are crowdfunding to create the Vood Box.  A large catering trailer which will be permanently placed in a town in Cornwall and opened daily for people to enjoy vegan food. It will run as a social enterprise and they hope to provide the community with the following:
  • At least 3,500 meals a year to people who receive food bank vouchers through a buy one give one programme.
  • Act as a signpost to provide information to support with common challenges like homelessness and unemployment.
  • Run 4 charity events a year from the Vood Box where the proceeds will go to different animal charities.
  • Give people living in poverty the chance to spend time in the Vood Box where they will offer free training to improve employability skills.
If they reach their target to raise the money, they plan to -
  • Run regular workshops and masterclasses to teach people how to bake cakes
  • Go into schools and give talks to inspire young people to make a difference.

Please let me know who can be added to this page. Those who want to help others may be inspired by the examples shown above.

Bean and Wheat

Adam handling is the Chief Patron of the Frog restaurants in E1 and Covent Garden. He has recently opened Bean and Wheat, a deli and cafe in Liverpool Street. The company hopes to eventually eliminate all food wastage in all Frog Restaurants and Bean and wheat, by ensuring that nothing is thrown away needlessly.

They use the surplus food from The Frog Restaurants to produce food-to-go from the Bean and Wheat. They also make their own compost from vegetable peelings, etc.


Silo was conceived from an desire to innovate the food industry whilst demonstrating respect: respect for the environment, respect for the way our food is generated and respect for the nourishment given to our bodies.

Silo has completely eliminated waste by:

(i)  Trading directly with farmers
(ii) Using re-usable delivery vessels
(iii)Choosing local ingredients that themselves generated no waste
(iv)Using their own compost machine that turns any of their scraps and trimmings directly into a compost to produce more food.

Champion Caterers

Champion Caterers are professional caterers that provide restaurant quality cuisine in the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire areas.  They also feel strongly about enabling those from very different backgrounds to have some chance of achieving their dreams.
* Rather than just charging for their services, they encourage their customers to donate to their cause: The Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund. 
* Their son aged 21 died in a climbing accident in the French Alps in 2009, and in his memory they are fundraising for Nalango Secondary School in Uganda.

Shish Restaurant

Last year a Turkish restaurant in Sidcup offered a free meal to anyone who found themselves alone on Christmas Day. A poster on the window read “No one eats alone on Christmas Day. We are here to sit with you”.