Fruit and Nut Plaited LoafFruit and Nut Plaited LoafBy BobFruit & Nut Plaited Loaf. There is something special about yeast cookery - if only the smell. Beautiful bread at a fraction of the supermarket cost.
Pear SpongePear SpongeBy BobPear Sponge. Baked Vanilla Sponge with Sliced Pears.
Frangipane PithierFrangipane PithivierBy BobFrangipane Pathivier. A delicate french pastry, succulent all-butter puff pastry enveloping a pungent almond filling, light and full of flavour.
Caraway Seed CakeCaraway Seed CakeBy BobSeed cake originates from medieval times. It was given to agricultural workers to thank them for the hard labour of seed-sowing. A classic cake with an unusual nutty flavour.
Pineapple Upside DownPineapple Upside DownBy BobA Family favourite. One of those desserts that look so much more appetising when you turn it out of it's baking tin. More Recipes can be found by clicking here
Banana, Orange & Apricot CakeBanana, Orange & Apricot CakeBy BobBanana, Orange & Apricot Cake. This combination of fruit works well together producing a moist cake with an extremely light texture.
Lemon Drizzle CakeLemon Drizzle CakeBy BobLemon Drizzle Cake. A delightful citrus cake made with fresh lemons. An incredible combination of Sharp and Sweet.
American PancakesAmerican PancakesBy BobFor anyone who who visits America, Denny's is the fast-food restaurant you need to aim for if you want incredible pancakes. These pancakes are light and fluffy and great for a snack as well as a dessert. Try adding fruit like fresh blueberries to the batter before cooking.
French CrépesFrench CrêpesBy BobThe word crêpe is French for pancake and is derived from the Latin crispus meaning “curled”. Crêpes originated in Brittany. Crêpes were originally called galettes, meaning flat cakes. Crêpes are traditionally served in England on Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as Pancake Day.
MerookiesMerookiesBy BobMerookies. Unusual pre-dinner treats. Get your oven hot (180ºC) but the oven is switched off when the merookies are put in. They do not need to cook, merely dry out.
Valentine's Day. How to tempt your loved oneChocolate Pudding with Chocolate SauceBy BobChocolate Pudding with Chocolate Sauce - an old fashioned recipe for all chocoholics. A rich sponge smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. A minute on the lips - 10 years on the hips!!!
Stuffed Seafood MushroomsStuffed Seafood MushroomBy BobHow can such basic ingredients turn out to produce such a good starter? A large flat mushroom stuffed with crab, prawns & cheese - delicious.
Guard's PuddingGuard’s PuddingBy BobGuard's Pudding was traditionally served to the officers & guards on duty at St James Palace or Whitehall. A true comfort food with an extremely light texture.
Warm Lemon Meringue PotWarm Lemon Meringue PotBy BobA variation on a lemon meringue. Healthier because there is no pastry. A light citrus dessert, suitable for dinner parties where the main course is substantial.
Chicken Stir FryChicken Stir FryBy BobThis delicious stir fry dish is not only healthy, it is quick & easy to prepare & it's cheap. The tender & crisp vegetables retain more nutrients than if they had been boiled, & the fat content is extremely low as the dish only requires a small amount of oil.
Steamed Raspberry Sponge PuddingSteamed Raspberry PuddingBy BobTake a trip down memory lane. You only have to look at this dessert to know you are going to love it. A true comfort food. A sponge pudding with raspberry jam drizzling down its sides.
Avocado on Toast with Poached EggAvocado on Toast with Poached EggBy BobThis recipe was given to me by my daughter. Extremely nutritious & makes a perfect breakfast or snack treat. Simply delicious.
Home-Made Mediterranean PizzaHome-Made Mediterranean PizzaBy BobSimple to make with toppings of your choice. After making your own you are unlikely to buy one from a shop again.
Bakewell TartBakewell TartBy BobThe Bakewell Tart dates back to the Victorian times - not to be confused with the iced version now seen in most shops. A light sponge mix, laced with almonds, and set in a light shortcrust pastry. Delicious!
Apple PieApple PieBy BobProbably one of the most popular desserts in the UK. Mouthwatering pastry encompassing succulent apples.
Raspberry PavlovaRaspberry PavlovaBy BobBoth indulgent and visually effective - an ideal dessert for special occasions.
Chocolate EclairsChocolate EclairsBy BobReasonably easy to make yet so delicious! A little decadent perhaps but we all need a treat every now and then.
Jacket PotatoJacket PotatoBy BobSo versatile - can be eaten as a snack or a main meal. Popular toppings include - cheese, tuna mayonnaise, baked beans, chilli con carne, coleslaw or just a knob of butter.
Boiled Egg & SoldiersBoiled Egg & SoldiersBy BobEggs are one of the most nutritious food you can buy & they are cheap. One of those recipes you grew up with & never forgot!
Christmas CakeChristmas CakeBy BobRecipe from Memory Lane - from Woman's Weekly 1979. If you are not keen on rich fruit cake, this recipe is ideal. Whilst filled with delicious ingredients, it is not iced, it's lighter, more moist & costs less.
christmas Rocky RoadChristmas Rocky RoadBy BobFor all chocoholics! If its a little festive indulgence you're looking for this year - this is the recipe for you. ideal for those intimate pasties & family get-togethers, this rich, passionate, finger-licking treat will please everyone. Packed with your favourite goodies - how can you go wrong. Recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson.
Mince PiesMince PiesBy BobThe most iconic of Christmas treats. Originally they were filled with meat, such as lamb & were made in an oval shape to represent the manger that Jesus slept in. During the Stuart & Georgian times they were a status symbol at Christmas for rich people.
Italian christmas Pudding CakeItalian Christmas Pudding CakeBy BobIt just keeps getting better. This, trust me, is an indulgence you simply cannot do without. It bears absolutely no comparison to a Christmas pudding but as al alternative, it wins hands down! It is a delightful Italian Christmas dessert, light & fluffy & has the appearance of something aristocratic with all the scrumptious flavours of Christmas all rolled into one. A favourite of mine from Nigella Lawson.
sausage RollsSausage RollsBy BobThe tasty savoury you find at every buffet. Always popular.
Eccles CakesEccles CakesBy BobOriginating from the English town of Eccles dating back over three centuries. Mouthwateringly good!
Orange MuffinsOrange MuffinsBy BobA recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson. Delicious warm served for Breakfast.
Deep Fried CamembertDeep Fried CamembertBy BobDelicious starter that's easy to make & guaranteed to please your guests. Serve with redcurrant sauce & a small side salad.
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