Featured Recipe

Amaretto Truffle Torte BitesBy BobA rich chocolate ganache topped with an Amaretti biscuit. Petit Fours that melt in the mouth. A delight for chocoholics! This recipe can be made 24hours in advance.
How to make Heavenly Peanut Butter CakeBy BobHeavenly Peanut Butter Cake has all the ingredients of pure luxury. The lightest of vanilla sponges incorporating vanilla and peanut butter frosting, rich chocolate ganache and a conservative sprinkling of chocolate honeycomb.
Chocolate and Hazelnut Ganache GateauBy BobThis is a Rich Chocolate Cake with an almond frosting centre and finished with a chocolate ganache, chopped and whole hazelnuts and flaked chocolate. Quite Delicious.
Fresh Fruit PlatterBy BobFresh Fruit Platter - Not so much a recipe - more a piece of art!! Easy to prepare and makes quite a centrepiece.
How to make Authentic GuacamoleBy BobGuacamole - The best recipe ever to be created from the Avocado - so versatile and so so tasty - from dips to sandwich fillings!!
Chicken GoujonsBy BobChicken Goujons - Juicy filets of chicken wrapped in a golden crispy coating of breadcrumbs and oats. Serve hot with a dip of your choice.
Rhubarb ChutneyBy BobRhubarb Chutney is not so well known yet delivers an incredible tangy flavour, superb for sandwiches with either cold meats or cheese.
Crispy Cauliflower BitesBy BobCrispy Cauliflower Bites, dipped in butter and coated with parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. Roasted in the oven and served with a dip of your choice.
Trio of DipsBy BobThese home-made dips are easy to make and taste so much nicer than shop bought ones. These dips can be made the day before and placed in the fridge until you need them.
Cheese BoardBy BobI must confess that I tend to include cheese that I like in case there is any leftover! Just remember to include some colourful cheeses and different shaped ones. To garnish the board I have used red and green grapes, gherkins, pickled onions and basil. Sometimes I use celery and radishes – in fact it can be garnished in many different ways. Alongside the cheeseboard I have French bread and butter, and cheese biscuits.
Fruit Christmas TreeBy BobAlthough this tree takes a while to put together, it is a simple idea that adds height to the buffet table and can look quite spectacular. Guests invariably comment on it!
Raspberry CheesecakeBy BobA light creamy cheesecake with a crumbed ginger biscuit base topped with raspberries.
Sausage RollsBy BobThe tasty savoury you find at every buffet. Always popular.
CruditésBy BobThis recipe involves no cooking. Healthy Eating.