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Millionaires ShortbreadBy BobThis take on a millionaire's shortbread has a thick layer of salted caramel. It has a crumbly shortbread base and thick chocolate topping.
Spicy Chocolate BunsBy BobSpicy Chocolate Buns - Deliciously light buns made with chocolate yeast dough, coated in Milk and Plain Chocolate.
How to Make Irresistible Hot Cross BunsBy BobIrresistible Hot Cross Buns - The origins of hot cross buns goes back as far as the 12th century. A story says an Anglican monk baked the buns and marked them with a cross in honour of Good Friday.
How to make Heavenly Peanut Butter CakeBy BobHeavenly Peanut Butter Cake has all the ingredients of pure luxury. The lightest of vanilla sponges incorporating vanilla and peanut butter frosting, rich chocolate ganache and a conservative sprinkling of chocolate honeycomb.
Blackberry & Almond Kuchen – A Tasty German CakeBy BobBlackberry & Almond Kuchen is a cake made with a yeast base. It's topped with fresh blackberries and almonds and then sprinkled with with a frosted crumble. This recipe originated in Germany and is filling as well as very tasty. Without a doubt it's a wonderful cake to have for breakfast! This recipe for Blackberry & Almond Kuchen has been based on the recipe in Nigella's book 'Nigella Bites'
Dark Chocolate Drop SpongecakesBy BobLight Vanilla and Almond Spongecakes with Dark Chocolate. Best eaten when hot so as the chocolate oozes out. Disgraceful Decadence!!
How to make Traditional Chelsea BunsBy BobChelsea Buns may look difficult to create but trust me, they are not. All you need is patience and a discerning palette for mouthwatering food.
Giant Apple and Date SconeBy BobIf you can make scones, you can make this! Deliciously moreish scone filled with Bramley Apple and Dates. Slice and serve.
Apple Pecan Muffin CakeBy BobA large muffin infused with orange and topped with brambly apples and chopped pecans, and glazed with maple syrup and cointreau.
Raspberry & Dark Chocolate MuffinsBy BobRaspberry & Dark Chocolate Muffins. Comfort food for those "nothings gone right" days. Fruit and Chocolate at it's best in a light fluffy muffin.
Lime Drizzle CakeBy BobThe Lime Drizzle Cake is similar to its' sister, the Lemon Drizzle Cake, but with a much sharper flavour and layered with lime butter cream.
Biscoff CupcakesBy BobSoft Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Biscoff Buttercream and garnished with a Lotus Biscoff Biscuit. Delicious.
Chocolate BrowniesBy BobBest Ever Chocolate Brownies Recipe - Moist, more-ish and completely full of sin. Stopping eating them can be somewhat of a problem.
Rich Banana CakeBy BobRich Banana Cake - Considering bananas are quite a heavy fruit, this recipe turns out incredibly light in texture and oozes the flavour of banana without having to use essence.
Lemon Meringue PieBy BobLemon Meringue Pie made with a quick and easy recipe, without missing out on the quality and flavour. Mouthwateringly good.
Fresh Cream TeaBy BobEveryone loves an afternoon fresh cream tea and the recipe for perfection could not be easier. Mouthwatering scones served in the traditional way.
Easter Forest Fruits TorteBy BobEaster Forest Fruits Torte - Drive your guests crazy with this scrumptious dessert. A rich Easter treat, not so good for the waistline but delicious to taste.
Cheese SconesBy BobYet another recipe handed down to me by my mother. Deliciously light and fluffy scones made from a totally reliable recipe.
Orange and Chocolate CupcakesBy BobOrange and Chocolate Cupcakes - what a party treat. Citrus flavoured cakes decorated with an orange butter icing and sprinkled with chocolate.
Fruits of the Forest StrudelBy BobFruits of the Forest Strudel - this could almost be classed as an instant dessert. So simple and so quick. Beautiful served with Fresh Cream.
Orange and Coconut CakeBy BobA Light Fluffy Citrus Cake made with Fresh Oranges and Desiccated Coconut. Goes down a treat with a cup of Tea.
Individual Bramley Apple PiesBy BobThere is nothing quite like homemade Apple Pies. These little beauties make the ideal treat to go with coffee for your visitors.
Apple & Pecan SlicesBy BobApple & Walnut Slices. A Sugar pastry base, coated with layers of sponge and bramley apple and topped with chopped walnuts and sugar.
Flapjacks Spiced with GingerBy BobDelicious flapjacks spiced with ginger. A crunchy treat that goes well with a cup of coffee. Simple to make and an all time favourite.
Spicy Fruit and Nut CakeBy BobSpicing things up a little here. Using dried fruits and spices can really make a cake come alive. Beware Nuts!!
Fruit SconesBy BobThis is a recipe that I cherish. It was passed on to me from my mother and achieves brilliant results every time without the whiff of a single egg.
Rich Chocolate CakeBy BobThis is the sort of cake that is so rich, moist and flavoursome, you can't get enough of it. Perfect for those pamper nights when you want to escape.
Orange Scone SlicesBy BobScones do not always need to be individual. This recipe, given to me by my mother, is a typical variation. Extremely light with a citrus twist.
Raspberry and Blueberry Neopolitan CakeBy BobNeopolitan (or harlequin) cake originated from Naples in Italy. Traditionally it has to include 3 flavours, usually Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. This is my variation on this cake including raspberries and blueberries to make the texture more moist.
Yvonne’s Carrot CakeBy BobThis recipe was passed to my wife by a work colleague many years ago. It is a trusted favourite. It's lovely and moist. Although it's a bit fiddly to make it is worth the effort. It can also be frozen. I tend to freeze part of it and the remainder gets eaten pretty quickly!
Caraway Seed CakeBy BobSeed cake originates from medieval times. It was given to agricultural workers to thank them for the hard labour of seed-sowing. A classic cake with an unusual nutty flavour.
Banana, Orange & Apricot CakeBy BobBanana, Orange & Apricot Cake. This combination of fruit works well together producing a moist cake with an extremely light texture.
Lemon Drizzle CakeBy BobLemon Drizzle Cake. A delightful citrus cake made with fresh lemons. An incredible combination of Sharp and Sweet.
MerookiesBy BobMerookies. Unusual pre-dinner treats. Get your oven hot (180ºC) but the oven is switched off when the merookies are put in. They do not need to cook, merely dry out.
Bakewell TartBy BobThe Bakewell Tart dates back to the Victorian times - not to be confused with the iced version now seen in most shops. A light sponge mix, laced with almonds, and set in a light shortcrust pastry. Delicious!
Eccles CakesBy BobOriginating from the English town of Eccles dating back over three centuries. Mouthwateringly good!
Orange MuffinsBy BobA recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson. Delicious warm served for Breakfast.
Rock CakesBy BobA war time recipe when ingredients like eggs & sugar were scarce. Delicious served warm.