Featured Recipe

Fruit and Nut Plaited LoafBy BobFruit & Nut Plaited Loaf. There is something special about yeast cookery - if only the smell. Beautiful bread at a fraction of the supermarket cost.
Caraway Seed CakeBy BobSeed cake originates from medieval times. It was given to agricultural workers to thank them for the hard labour of seed-sowing. A classic cake with an unusual nutty flavour.
Banana, Orange & Apricot CakeBy BobBanana, Orange & Apricot Cake. This combination of fruit works well together producing a moist cake with an extremely light texture.
Chocolate Pudding with Chocolate SauceBy BobChocolate Pudding with Chocolate Sauce - an old fashioned recipe for all chocoholics. A rich sponge smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. A minute on the lips - 10 years on the hips!!!
Guard’s PuddingBy BobGuard's Pudding was traditionally served to the officers & guards on duty at St James Palace or Whitehall. A true comfort food with an extremely light texture.
Steamed Raspberry PuddingBy BobTake a trip down memory lane. You only have to look at this dessert to know you are going to love it. A true comfort food. A sponge pudding with raspberry jam drizzling down its sides.
Bakewell TartBy BobThe Bakewell Tart dates back to the Victorian times - not to be confused with the iced version now seen in most shops. A light sponge mix, laced with almonds, and set in a light shortcrust pastry. Delicious!
Christmas CakeBy BobRecipe from Memory Lane - from Woman's Weekly 1979. If you are not keen on rich fruit cake, this recipe is ideal. Whilst filled with delicious ingredients, it is not iced, it's lighter, more moist & costs less.
Eccles CakesBy BobOriginating from the English town of Eccles dating back over three centuries. Mouthwateringly good!
Rock CakesBy BobA war time recipe when ingredients like eggs & sugar were scarce. Delicious served warm.