Which Charity Should Our Food Blog Support?

Is there a charity that would like the support of our food blog? We are looking to assist a charity that is related to food – this could be hunger, poverty, homelessness, food sustainability, etc. The charity we decide to support must spend a large proportion of their yearly income on charitable activities.

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Which Charity should our Food Blog support?

Can we help your charity?

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EHO Inspection Of Our Kitchen – How We Prepared

We’re thrilled to announce that following an EHO inspection of our kitchen at home, we were awarded 5 stars.

Whether it’s a large restaurant or a small cupcake business run from home, an EHO inspection needs to be made. The same rules apply. Potential risks to customers are the same. Environmental health officers will want to see the same standard of food safety management in large and small establishments.

So how did we prepare for this?

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Stockpiling In Preparation For A No-Deal Brexit

Should you be stockpiling for Brexit? Domino’s Pizza are stockpiling ingredients to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Unilever is stockpiling magnums, amongst other items. Majestic said it would import an extra £8 million of wine. Airline meals are being stockpiled. Pets at Home are stockpiling pet food. Research suggests that one in five people in the UK have started stockpiling goods in preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit. Households have already spent £4 billion – that’s approximately £380 each household. Facebook has groups prepping for Brexit whilst Twitter has numerous hashtags relating to Brexit, including #what’s in your stockpile.

So why might you want to consider stockpiling for Brexit?

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Air Fryer – Which One Do I Buy?

Air Fryers are a relatively new kitchen appliance. My trusted deep fat fryer sadly ‘died’ last month – I’ve had it for years – and now I want to purchase an air fryer to replace it. From what I’ve read they create the delicious flavour and texture of a deep fried meal but with approximately 75% less fat. A win win situation!! But which air fryer do I buy? I need one to suit the needs of my family and also my needs as a caterer.

Ninja Air Fryer
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