Why Is Chlorinated Chicken So Bad?

Chlorinated chicken is a product that could easily end up on our plates following the US/UK trade deal. Should we be worried? Is it really that bad? Hasn’t the government promised not to import chlorinated chicken? Surely, even if chlorinated chicken is imported to the UK, we can simply choose not to buy it? Would our government really consider lowering our food standards?

Why is chlorinated chicken so bad?

Shopping for Food during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Shopping for food at the moment can be a stressful experience. During the lockdown, shopping for food was one of the few reasons you were allowed to leave your home. For many of us, shopping for food is the only time you expose yourself to the risk of catching COVID-19. But what can you do to stay safe whilst food shopping? When is the best time to shop? Are there any restrictions on what you can buy? I hope the following is of some help.

Shopping for Food during the coronavirus Pandemic

Hot Cross Buns – Your Questions Answered

Hot cross buns are not difficult to make. And Easter wouldn’t be the same without them! Some people experience problems making them so I’ve attempted to answer some questions you may have. For example, “Why are my hot cross buns heavy?” or “Can hot cross buns be frozen?” Here is a step by step recipe that was given to me by my mother. I’m sure you’ll love it. In fact, the recipe I’m sharing with you is so delicious that we invariably eat the buns without butter – the soft, spicy and airy texture of the buns is just simply exquisite.

Hot Cross Buns with one bun buttered
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Environmentally Friendly Kitchen In 17 Simple Steps

An environmentally friendly kitchen should be on everyone’s wish list! After all, everything we do in the kitchen has an impact on the environment. These 17 steps are measures that we have already taken in our kitchen. Not only were these steps easy to take, they’ve cost us nothing – in fact they have saved us money. It is for these reasons that we’re recommending that you consider taking the 17 simple steps.

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen in 17 Simple Steps
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How To Make A Chocolate And Hazelnut Gateau

Chocolate and Hazelnut Gateau – this incredibly moist cake is the perfect choice for a chocoholic! The recipe used for the chocolate cake is a reliable favourite recipe. A beautiful chocolate ganache then drips down the sides over the crushed hazelnuts. Sprinkled on top of the gateau are chocolate flake pieces and whole hazelnuts.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Gateau Blog Banner
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Enjoy Pancake Day With These Recipes & Offers

Pancake Day falls on 25th February this year. What better excuse is there to eat pancakes? Traditionally they were eaten on Shrove Tuesday as a way to use up eggs, flour and milk before embarking on Lent. Pancakes are therefore cheap to make. They are also easy to create. Read on for some delicious recipes and special offers to save you money.

Blackberry & Raspberry Pancakes on a plate
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