Caring Caterers – Five Examples of Caterers helping the Homeless

Caring Caterers across the UK are providing the homeless with free food but it is often difficult to find out who these caterers are.  Newspaper headlines sometimes report on these caterers; similarly they report on those who refuse to serve the homeless.  Here I showcase some of those caring caterers and I have just added the five examples given in this post.

Caring Caterers - Five Examples of Caterers Helping the Homeless

Another homeless man has just died – this time in a freezing underpass close to the Houses of Parliament. The average age of death for a homeless man is 47, yet rough sleeping and homelessness is soaring. These people are falling through the gaping holes of the welfare safety net and dying.

Caring for the Homeless 

I don’t know if those responsible for allowing homelessness to exist and increase at such an alarming rate will do anything to halt this humanitarian crisis. What I do know is that there are a large number of individuals who do care about the homeless and are trying to plug the holes in the safety net. From charities and social enterprises such as Social Bite, The Pop Up Soup KitchenCrisis, St Mungo’s Homeless Link and all their volunteers, to individuals such as Masato Beanies  who sell items to support the homeless and others who knit hats, scarves, socks etc. for the homeless, to StreetVet who offer free vet care for the homeless and their pets, and of course to caring caterers.

Caring Caterers

1  Café Lahore

Cafe Lahore

Café Lahore has been based on Union Street in Oldham for over 15 years.  They have recently opened their doors to rough sleepers every day after their lunchtime buffet, and provide them with a meal made up of fresh foods that otherwise would have been wasted.

The owner, Wasim Aslam, said “We’ve always had the odd knock at the door from a homeless person and have been happy to help them”.  He has, however, noticed an increase in rough sleepers over the past 18 months, and stated “I don’t like to see homeless people in the state they’re in sometimes. If we have extra food then why shouldn’t we share it with them?”

2  Happiness Cafe

The cafe, Two for Joy, in Manchester operates a pending coffee scheme.  The owner, Charlotte, wants everybody to leave her cafe happy. She is aware that homelessness in Manchester is rising and wants to do her bit to help tackle the problem.

For more information click here

3  The Yorkshire Wrap Company

Pending Coffees Board

Michael Pratt, a caterer from Leeds, is operating a “pending coffees” project at his Kirkgate Market food stall.  Anyone who pays an extra £1 is given a post-it note to attach to a board.  Homeless people can then visit the cafe, remove a post-it and redeem it for the food or drink that has already been purchased.  Some customers also pay for wraps as well.

4  Decruz for Brews

Decruz for brews

Jelly Decruz opened her cafe in Rosegrove, Burnley for struggling families and the homeless to have a Christmas meal in December 2017.  Her seventeen year old daughter, Leonie, entertained their guests by singing, and numerous volunteers helped.  She is planning to hold a similar event in the summer.

5  Charcoals Restaurant 

Mr Sultan, the owner of the above Indian restaurant in Glasgow, invites homeless people to his restaurant every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and has fed over 1,000 homeless people.  On Burns Night he gave away haggis pakora to the homeless. He has donated money, and gives out bottled water and hot water during the cold weather.  He made the following comment:

“Many people want to keep and grow their wealth, but one thing that will never decrease your wealth is charity.  You always get it back.”

In a previous post I gave ten examples of ways that caterers could help the homeless and with food banks. I am always looking for caterers who help others to showcase on this site and I’d be extremely grateful if you know of others who would like to be mentioned.  Few advertise the good works they do!

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