Which Charity Should Our Food Blog Support?

Is there a charity that would like the support of our food blog? We are looking to assist a charity that is related to food – this could be hunger, poverty, homelessness, food sustainability, etc. The charity we decide to support must spend a large proportion of their yearly income on charitable activities.

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Which Charity should our Food Blog support?

Can we help your charity?

Why Do We Want Our Food Blog To Support A Charity?

Charities fighting Hunger

Hunger is a craving or need that most people experience, often on a daily basis. Most people in the UK are able to satisfy this need with a snack or a meal. As food bloggers, we exploit this craving by sharing our favourite recipes online with the hope that, in return, people will visit our blog. Yet there is a growing number of people in the UK who experience hunger on a daily basis, but they do not have the luxury of being able to eat when they are hungry (Hunger in the UK – 15 Ways Caterers & Food Bloggers Can Help). If we can help just one person with our food blog then we have done something worthwhile.

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There are numerous ways a caterer can support charities. For example,

  • Suspended Coffees – the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it.
  • Food Vouchers/Pay It Forward – customers purchase a voucher to provide a snack or a meal for someone who needs it.
  • Surplus Food – where caterers divert surplus food from landfill to those in need e.g. food banks, community fridges
  • £1 -on-the-bill – where customers are invited to to pay £1 on top of their bill, and this money goes towards a good cause
  • Free Christmas Meal

(All the examples above are showcased on Caring Caterers)

None of the above methods to support a charity can, however, be used by a food blog.

Spread a Bit of Kindness

Little acts of kindness can make a big difference. When we started our food blog I watched a video by John Sweeney (founder of suspended coffees) and was enthralled. Here is the video –

It’s quite a long video, but well worth watching. We want our food blog to support a charity and spread a bit of kindness.

How to Choose a Charity to support

This is of course presuming that charities will want our support! Presuming that there is a charity willing to work with us, these are the criteria we will use in deciding which charity our food blog will support.

Charity must be relevant to food blog

Hunger, poverty and food sustainability are all inextricably linked and relevant to our blog. We would love to support a charity that tackles hunger and food insecurity. The impact of climate change threatens food security, so charities protecting our environment are also relevant to our blog.

Charity must spend a large proportion of its income on charitable activities

The amount of money charities spend on charitable activities, as a percentage of their yearly income, varies between 26% and 87% (according to GoodBox). We would be reluctant to support a charity that spent a large proportion of its income on administration.

Similarly, we would be unwilling to support a charity that gives the CEO an obscene salary. Here a charity pay study which shows the highest earners.

Should our food blog support a charity?

Kindness will not solve the issues charities are fighting. By supporting a charity are we distracting those responsible for the problems from finding a solution? Is it right that we have food banks and homeless people? Should we be donating to charities to enable schoolchildren to have breakfast so that they are not too hungry to learn? Would the government be more likely to focus on dealing with these problems if they were’t being helped by charities?

To be truthful I do not know the answers to the above questions. What I do know is that people need our help now.

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Which Charity should our Food Blog support?

Most charities pull at our heartstrings. Although we have narrowed down our choice of charity to support, it is still a difficult decision to make. This year we supported our daughter who raised £3000.08 for Action Against Hunger. The money was raised by donations, quizzes, bake sales, raffles, etc.

If anyone from a charity is reading this blog and would be interested in what we have to offer, please get in touch.

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