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Amaretto Truffle Torte BitesBy BobA rich chocolate ganache topped with an Amaretti biscuit. Petit Fours that melt in the mouth. A delight for chocoholics! This recipe can be made 24hours in advance.
Fruit Christmas TreeBy BobAlthough this tree takes a while to put together, it is a simple idea that adds height to the buffet table and can look quite spectacular. Guests invariably comment on it!
Christmas PuddingBy BobChristmas Pudding, Plum Pudding or Figgy Pudding – you simply cannot have a Christmas Dinner without the traditional dessert! It has a long history dating back to Roman times, and the recipe I am sharing with you today was passed to me by my mum. It has never let me down! During the Middle Ages the Christmas pudding was known as a mince pie, and had a meat filling. Later on, apples, lemons and oranges, raisins and sugar were added. Because raisins were known as plums, the Christmas pudding was also called Plum Pudding. You will, of course, be familiar with the name Figgy Pudding – who hasn’t sung “Now bring us some figgy pudding”, when carol singing as a child? Figgy pudding usually contains figs instead of raisins. The recipe I am sharing with you is made with fruit and not meat! I’ve changed the quantities as my mum’s recipe made four Christmas puddings, and as each pudding serves between 8 and 10, that’s quite a lot of Christmas pudding to eat – even though they keep.
MerookiesBy BobMerookies. Unusual pre-dinner treats. Get your oven hot (180ºC) but the oven is switched off when the merookies are put in. They do not need to cook, merely dry out.
Christmas CakeBy BobRecipe from Memory Lane - from Woman's Weekly 1979. If you are not keen on rich fruit cake, this recipe is ideal. Whilst filled with delicious ingredients, it is not iced, it's lighter, more moist & costs less.
Christmas Rocky RoadBy BobFor all chocoholics! If its a little festive indulgence you're looking for this year - this is the recipe for you. ideal for those intimate pasties & family get-togethers, this rich, passionate, finger-licking treat will please everyone. Packed with your favourite goodies - how can you go wrong. Recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson.
Mince PiesBy BobThe most iconic of Christmas treats. Originally they were filled with meat, such as lamb & were made in an oval shape to represent the manger that Jesus slept in. During the Stuart & Georgian times they were a status symbol at Christmas for rich people.
Italian Christmas Pudding CakeBy BobIt just keeps getting better. This, trust me, is an indulgence you simply cannot do without. It bears absolutely no comparison to a Christmas pudding but as al alternative, it wins hands down! It is a delightful Italian Christmas dessert, light & fluffy & has the appearance of something aristocratic with all the scrumptious flavours of Christmas all rolled into one. A favourite of mine from Nigella Lawson.