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Amaretto Truffle Torte BitesBy BobA rich chocolate ganache topped with an Amaretti biscuit. Petit Fours that melt in the mouth. A delight for chocoholics! This recipe can be made 24hours in advance.
Chocolate and Hazelnut Ganache GateauBy BobThis is a Rich Chocolate Cake with an almond frosting centre and finished with a chocolate ganache, chopped and whole hazelnuts and flaked chocolate. Quite Delicious.
Spiced Boozy Apple FlanBy BobA little something special for Christmas. Delicious sponge filled with diced Bramley Apple Pie Filling, spiced with Cinnamon and a touch of Cointreau and Fresh Cream.
Quick & Easy Banana Cream ShortbreadBy BobQuick & Easy Banana Cream Shortbread - Crushed Shortbread topped with Bananas, Fresh Cream and Mascarpone, and topped with Maple Syrup and chopped Nuts.
Gypsy TartBy BobGypsy Tart - Originates from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent - Another back-in-time recipe from my school days - ideal if you have a sweet tooth!!
Treacle SpongeBy BobTreacle Sponge - Yet another of those School Dinner Specials!! Amazing Dessert for those chillier nights. Easy to make and extremely more-ish!!
Raspberry Creme BrûléeBy BobRaspberry Creme Brûlée - Fresh or Frozen Raspberries topped with a deliciously creamy custard and singed sugar coating finish.
Shortcrust Jam Roll PolyBy BobBack to School for this one - Jam Roll Poly made a regular appearance as a dessert at School Dinner time. Originally steamed it was nicknamed "dead man's arm"
Banoffee PieBy BobBanoffee Pie. Rich, dynamic, moreish and totally irresistible. Would grace the table of any event and relatively easy to create.
Profiteroles au ChocolatBy BobChoux Pastry cases filled with Fresh Cream and dipped in Belgian Chocolate. Extremely popular and eye catching, especially for buffets.
Easter Forest Fruits TorteBy BobEaster Forest Fruits Torte - Drive your guests crazy with this scrumptious dessert. A rich Easter treat, not so good for the waistline but delicious to taste.
Steamed Orange and Chocolate PuddingBy BobSteamed Orange and Chocolate Pudding. Oranges and Chocolate so compliment each other and this rich dessert with it's gooey centre is no exception.
Fruits of the Forest StrudelBy BobFruits of the Forest Strudel - this could almost be classed as an instant dessert. So simple and so quick. Beautiful served with Fresh Cream.
Rhubarb CrumbleBy BobRhubarb Crumble - Nothing quite like freshly grown rhubarb at the start of the season. Braised and coated in light pastry crumb.
Toffee Apple CrumbleBy BobApple Crumble with a caramelised twist. A crisp crumble made with oats coating toffee flavoured apples.
TiramisuBy BobThis delicious rich dessert originated in Venice. Tiramisu translates as "pick-me-up". It's best made a day in advance to let the flavours develop.
Raspberry CheesecakeBy BobA light creamy cheesecake with a crumbed ginger biscuit base topped with raspberries.
Christmas PuddingBy BobChristmas Pudding, Plum Pudding or Figgy Pudding – you simply cannot have a Christmas Dinner without the traditional dessert! It has a long history dating back to Roman times, and the recipe I am sharing with you today was passed to me by my mum. It has never let me down! During the Middle Ages the Christmas pudding was known as a mince pie, and had a meat filling. Later on, apples, lemons and oranges, raisins and sugar were added. Because raisins were known as plums, the Christmas pudding was also called Plum Pudding. You will, of course, be familiar with the name Figgy Pudding – who hasn’t sung “Now bring us some figgy pudding”, when carol singing as a child? Figgy pudding usually contains figs instead of raisins. The recipe I am sharing with you is made with fruit and not meat! I’ve changed the quantities as my mum’s recipe made four Christmas puddings, and as each pudding serves between 8 and 10, that’s quite a lot of Christmas pudding to eat – even though they keep.
Banana PuddingBy BobAnother recipe from my Auntie Moyra. A scrumptious pudding that's easy to make and designed to warm you up on a cold winter's day.
Pear SpongeBy BobPear Sponge. Baked Vanilla Sponge with Sliced Pears.
Pineapple Upside DownBy BobA Family favourite. One of those desserts that look so much more appetising when you turn it out of it's baking tin. More Recipes can be found by clicking here
American PancakesBy BobFor anyone who who visits America, Denny's is the fast-food restaurant you need to aim for if you want incredible pancakes. These pancakes are light and fluffy and great for a snack as well as a dessert. Try adding fruit like fresh blueberries to the batter before cooking.
French CrêpesBy BobThe word crêpe is French for pancake and is derived from the Latin crispus meaning “curled”. Crêpes originated in Brittany. Crêpes were originally called galettes, meaning flat cakes. Crêpes are traditionally served in England on Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as Pancake Day.
Chocolate Pudding with Chocolate SauceBy BobChocolate Pudding with Chocolate Sauce - an old fashioned recipe for all chocoholics. A rich sponge smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. A minute on the lips - 10 years on the hips!!!
Guard’s PuddingBy BobGuard's Pudding was traditionally served to the officers & guards on duty at St James Palace or Whitehall. A true comfort food with an extremely light texture.
Warm Lemon Meringue PotBy BobA variation on a lemon meringue. Healthier because there is no pastry. A light citrus dessert, suitable for dinner parties where the main course is substantial.
Steamed Raspberry PuddingBy BobTake a trip down memory lane. You only have to look at this dessert to know you are going to love it. A true comfort food. A sponge pudding with raspberry jam drizzling down its sides.
Apple PieBy BobProbably one of the most popular desserts in the UK. Mouthwatering pastry encompassing succulent apples.
Raspberry PavlovaBy BobBoth indulgent and visually effective - an ideal dessert for special occasions.