Environmentally Friendly Kitchen In 17 Simple Steps

An environmentally friendly kitchen should be on everyone’s wish list! After all, everything we do in the kitchen has an impact on the environment. These 17 steps are measures that we have already taken in our kitchen. Not only were these steps easy to take, they’ve cost us nothing – in fact they have saved us money. It is for these reasons that we’re recommending that you consider taking the 17 simple steps.

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen in 17 Simple Steps
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Caterers and Food Waste – what can a caterer do?

How caterers can help people suffering from food poverty and help save the environment.

Caterers tend to be very busy this time of year – ordering and preparing food to serve to their customers who are celebrating the advent of Christmas. But how much of this food will be wasted? How much will end up in landfills? Could some of the food be given to the homeless or others suffering from food poverty? I’m writing this blog because there are caterers who divert food destined for the landfill and make it available to those people in need, and I thought it might be of interest to you.

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