Shopping for Food during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Shopping for food at the moment can be a stressful experience. During the lockdown, shopping for food was one of the few reasons you were allowed to leave your home. For many of us, shopping for food is the only time you expose yourself to the risk of catching COVID-19. But what can you do to stay safe whilst food shopping? When is the best time to shop? Are there any restrictions on what you can buy? I hope the following is of some help.

Shopping for Food during the coronavirus Pandemic

Best Ways to Save Money and find Cheap Food

Cheap food anyone? Most of us want to make savings to our food costs and in this post I have made a few suggestions. Food is integral to our wellbeing and it is a sad reality that it is often cheaper to buy junk food with little or no nutritional value than it is to buy healthy food.  Hopefully there will be something on this post that will help to reduce your food shopping costs and to eat healthy nutritional foods.

cheap food

Food Allergies & Intolerances: Are they fashionable obsessions?

“We are a kitchen, not a hospital” (Raymond Blanc).  On the BBC Good Food Show Raymond Blanc argued that it is now ‘fashionable’ to have a food intolerance. He is not the only chef to have complained about customers claiming to have food allergies and intolerances. In July this year an Australian chef vented his anger on Instagram with customers ‘who aren’t honest about what they can eat’.  He gave an example of a customer who had a ‘shellfish allergy but loves oyster sauce’. He said “you make it really damn hard for people with actual allergies and dietaries to go out to eat. Are they right?

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How to encourage customers to donate money to a charity without embarrassing them

Charity begins at home.  Many believe this proverb means that you should look after your family and friends first, but I would argue that it means that charity begins in the home where your children learn what charity really is. One of my daughters, a student, sent me this photograph a couple of days ago:

How to encourage customers to donate money to a charity without embarrassing them
Wish for Water Mexican restaurant called Ojo Rojo, where customers can donate to the charity

She explained that small boxes have been placed on each table at a Mexican restaurant called Ojo Rojo, where customers can donate to the charity ‘Wish for Water’. She told me that she and her friends put their loose change into the box. She said that she was happy to donate because although she could only afford to give away her loose change, she did not feel embarrassed at not being able to donate more.  There was no pressure to donate – just the opportunity.  Our conversation inspired me to write this post.

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Is there a caterer who can save you money?

My aim is to save you money and to spread a bit of kindness.

We all need food to survive. We don’t have a choice – or do we?  Can a caterer make a difference?

Suits have choice caterer
A quote from Harvey Specter of Suits – ‘You always have a choice’ got me thinking.
(For those of you who have never heard of Harvey Specter, he plays the smooth, over-confident and hugely successful lawyer in the TV series Suits, with memorable one-liner quotes).

  • Does this apply to food? Yes it does. Some people are forced to make a choice between paying the rent or eating. Others are making choices to eat cheaper fast foods instead of more nutritious ones.
  • Does this apply to a caterer? Of course it does. From baking a cake, when you choose the recipe, ingredients and utensils you will use, to choosing a caterer to provide your wedding breakfast, you always have a choice.

If you have no financial constraints then the choice you make is relatively straightforward. The problem occurs when you know what you need or want but can’t afford it.

The important thing to remember here is that you may still have a choice – there may be other ways for you to get what you want. There may be others that can help (caring caterer’ ). You may have to ‘think outside the box’ and/or compromise, but there are often alternatives for you to consider.

I’m here to help you look at the alternatives.  Hopefully, as this site grows, others will come up with suggestions too. Continue reading “Is there a caterer who can save you money?”